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How to choose when doing the heat treatment for the MONTABERT flat chisel?
- Oct 18, 2017 -

【Summary】 The basis for selection of heat treatment process for MONTABERT flat chisel is the steel used for steel grade drill, and the different series and categories are formed with the development of percussive drilling machine. In the production of the MONTABERT flat chisel, the correct selection of steel grade, can fully exert the heat treatment process of this steel, so as to ensure the quality and life of the drill rod.

The selection basis of heat treatment process for the MONTABERT flat chisel is the basic requirements and failure analysis of drill rod. The basic requirements of the drill rod will vary from variety to variety. The failure reasons of the drill rod are the unreasonable design of the drill rod structure or the defects in each process of the manufacturing procedure, as well as the mistakes in use.

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Next, whether the heat treatment process of the MONTABERT flat chisel

is not appropriate, and whether there will be quality problems in the heat treatment time in fact, is based on the inherence and intrinsic quality. When it comes to one of the most important reasons for the failure of drill rod, after excluding the different external factorss, choose the best heat treatment process to ensure the internal quality.

The selection of the treatment process of  the MONTABERT flat chisel should pay attention to the economy, rationality and feasibility principle. For now, with the rapid development of heat treatment technology, in addition to conventional heat treatment and its induction heating and chemical heat treatment and vacuum heat treatment, it also includes the heat treatment on high energy beam ( laser, electron beam, etc. ) and the new surface peening heat treatment technology such as physical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition and ion implantation.

Finally, the MONTABERT flat chisel is actually a slender rod, and it will have some limitations when it is treated as a whole. In other words, often a heat treatment process can not meet the basic requirements of the various parts of the MONTABERT flat chisel. Pay attention to selecting several heat treatment processes respectively to deal with each part.