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How to avoid chisels form damages
- Jun 01, 2017 -

Hydraulic breaker hammers are widely used in all kinds of excavation, but there are different degrees of damages in daily use. However the users do not know why this happens. How to avoid the damages?

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1.       During the daily work, we need to add the oil every two hours to guarantee the lubrication between the pistons and chisels. This also makes the pistons not easy to be deformed. If pistons get deformed, it is easy to wear the cylinders bushes and seal kits, which will lead to oil leakage, soft hitting power. If the cylinder and bushes wear to much, the hammer will be broken.

2.       During the work, after every 20 seconds hitting we need to pause a few seconds to avoid the high temperature, to keep the hammer form aging and oil leakage.

3.       The hammer can not be used in the water because it is not waterproof. Sediment can easily get into the cylinder and pistons, jam the pistons and damage the hydraulic parts.

4.       In the operation, if the sound is different as the usual, please stop working immediately. Otherwise the pistons will break, causing the cutting edge to damage the cylinder and bushes.


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