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How to adjust the crushing hammer during use
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Crusher is used for crushing work, the use of the time will inevitably generate vibration, the need to adjust the crushing hammer fittings, so what are the adjustments. 1, regular check splint bolt, transverse pin plug is loose. 2, the crusher is not suitable for continuous blow, continuous blow can not exceed 1 minutes. 3, when the Crusher adopts the way to reduce the stroke frequency, it is necessary to adjust the stroke valve. 4, found that the crackdown is significantly decreased, the need to check the nitrogen pressure. Before the inflatable needs to check the equipment is safe, to prevent leakage occurs when inflated. When inflated, do not stand in front of the rod, because the filler will automatically eject when the inflatable completes, and the upper cylinder inflatable can only be filled with nitrogen, no gas exists. 5, when it is found that the crushing hammer is powerless or the hose jitter is intense, the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator is checked. The inspection needs special caution, the accumulator inside the nitrogen pressure is very high, careless operation mistake will have a major accident.

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