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How does the blunt drill rod come and does it apply to all rigs?
- Aug 22, 2017 -

[Overview] This kind of drill rod for blunt drill rod, because it is also one of the common types of drill rod, so in our view, it is necessary to study and understand, so that they can be familiar with and understand Not to know nothing about it, and then, can not be a good use of this kind of drill rod. That being the case, then the following, immediately to start it, so that you can save time and improve everyone's learning efficiency.


1. Blunt drill rod, which is the drill pipe by what criteria for classification, to get the specific species? In addition, the drill pipe in the specifications, which is mainly what?

Blunt drill rod, which is the drill pipe according to its shape to points, to get the specific species. In addition, according to other standards, there are different kinds, such as mine drill rod, oil drill rod, square drill rod and auger drill pipe and so on. As for the commonly used specifications of the drill rod, there are Φ34 * 1m, Φ42 * 1m, Φ50 * 1m, Φ60 * 1m, Φ63.5 * 1m and Φ73 * 1m.


2. If the drill rod is 5 inch, its buckle is 411, then its 4 1/2 "this representation shows what? In addition, does it apply to blunt drill rods?

5-inch drill pipe with a buckle type of 411, which is expressed as 4 1/2 ", then this is a geological drill rod whose outer diameter is 114.3. Moreover, this representation also applies to blunt Type drill pipe, because the blunt drill rod, which is a kind of drill rod, so in question two, the answer is for the application.


3. Is there a matching between the drilling model and the drill rod type? Blunt drill pipe, is it suitable for all rigs?

Drill model and drill rod type, there is a match, so, in the question one, the answer is yes. Moreover, it also shows that can not casually choose drill pipe, drilling model should be based on to determine. Furthermore, on question two, it is clear that the answer is yes, that is, not all of the rigs can use a blunt drill rod, and it also has a range of use.

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