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Heat preservation and cooling technology of wedge chisel
- Dec 02, 2017 -

Wedge chisel insulation time to put it plainly is the derivative of the heat and the completion of organizational transformation of the time required, usually based on the type of rod or the use of steel, heating equipment and equipment and operation and maintenance of the . Alloy steel will be worse than the thermal conductivity of carbon steel, austenitizing time will be longer, so the holding time is longer.


When a wedge chisel processing, heating im degrees high, install the largest, the heating rate will be slower, this time, the corresponding shortening of the holding time, the holding time and the heating temperature will have a certain relationship, but Not proportional.


It is also necessary to reduce the time of heat preservation under the conditions of ensuring the heating requirements of the wedge chisel. The holding time is long, in addition may lead to the austenite grain rod thick, low productivity, it will increase the degree of decarburization on the surface of the drill rod, to a great extent, also in this way, that will reduce the fatigue strength of drill rod, affect the service life of drill rod.


Then, the control of the cooling speed of wedge chisel will be judged mainly based on the chemical composition of the steel, as well as the climate conditions and the cooling conditions. For its size, it will be adjusted according to the hardness of the steel and the microstructure of the steel after cooling.http://www.hengyichisel.com/