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Hardness Analysis of brazing rods
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Metallographic microstructure is the basis and final result of controlling heat treatment process. It is also one of the determinants of the performance of the Open rod. According to the modern Rock drill theory, the rod body of small rod should have high strength and good vibration dissipation ability. So the metallographic organization should be consistent with it. The small cross-section brazing rod in the corrosive environment service, it bears the impact stress, the axial stress, the kua stress and the torsion stress and so on many kinds of alternating stress, requires the pole rod must have the high impact cycle toughness and the damping ability, also has the higher anti-fatigue 9 degrees. ZK55SiMnMo Steel after the fire. The crystallization of elongated large and the elimination of uneven microstructure caused by thinning rolling and suction is obtained, and the composite tissues of a certain amount of the island-shaped tissues are based on the more like Bainite. Its performance is basically satisfied. Practice proves that Z book ten thousand 55 Oil training women and other medium carbon bainite steel, after the fire has a special pull-shaped bainite for the Vertical foundation processing 20%% of the island-like organization is ideal. with high service life.