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Hard rock chisel tool replacement steps and the use of direction
- Sep 18, 2017 -

Hard rock chisel tool as a drill rod, often used to break some of the larger hardness of the material, the tool after a long period of use will appear after a certain degree of wear or deformation, this time it is necessary to be replaced in time, So as not to cause the entire crushing device to be affected.


Hard rock chisel tool replacement is not complicated, the first is to remove the only stop and drill pin, until the re-installation of hard rock drill rod tool when the drill rod is put and inserted into the drill pin. Obviously, the Hard rock chisel tool demolition order and installation order is just the opposite.


Check the parts that have been disassembled to see if there is any wear or tear. If the Hard rock chisel tool is deformed, it should be polished and repaired and then lubricated at its drill and movable parts. Install the Hard rock chisel tool.

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If the inspection found that Hard rock chisel tool deformation of the case, will replace the drill rod difficult, so in order to reduce this trouble, requiring 100-150 hours of work every time to check regularly, making damaged or deformed hard The rock drill tool is replaced in time.


In order to extend the life of the Hard rock chisel tool as much as possible, keep the drill rod and the arm in the same direction and be as perpendicular as possible to the working rock surface, otherwise it is easy to cause the Hard rock chisel tool slippery. So at the beginning of the broken, the first Hard rock chisel  tool fully adjusted properly, in the choice of rock hit point for impact operations.