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Hammer Breaker Chisel why can not hit a continuous blow?
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Many users know that in the use of Hammer Breaker Chisel when the pole should usually avoid continuous blow. Here we follow the hammer crusher drill professional manufacturers to understand this content together, hoping to deepen our understanding of the product characteristics and understanding.


This is because if you can fully understand the characteristics of the product, then the actual work will be more time when the security. Especially for blow and the like products, the use of the product, some users friends there are still a lot of questions.


For example, in the case of crushing operations, we will find that after a period of time in the operation, blow will be a fever problem, then at this time whether to drill rod cooling treatment? In fact, we do not need to cool the drill rod, but the hydraulic oil must be cooled.



Normally, if the temperature of the hydraulic oil is always within a certain range, then the mechanical equipment can continue to work, while the  Hammer Breaker Chisel can also continue to use. But when the hydraulic oil temperature rising, then when the blow, it will appear very weak.


Therefore, in the actual work, it is best not to carry out continuous blow. Otherwise, it will not only increase the hammer crusher drill rod wear problems, and may even lead directly to the drill rod damage. In addition, if the scene of the object hardness is relatively high, then the continuous blow when it is likely to cause the drill rod decarburization, damage.


In order to avoid these problems, then the best in the work after a period of time to rest for some time, so that not only can restore the normal temperature of hydraulic oil, but also can play the role of protection Hammer Breaker Chisel .