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Flat drill rod and what to match and its manufacturing important process
- Aug 15, 2017 -

[Overview] drill rod in a flat drill rod, which will be related to the common problems, or difficult problems, to be resolved in a timely manner so that we familiar with and understand this kind of drill rod, and let yourself have a preliminary Know? The main purpose of this question is to draw the content of the article, and then, we can have targeted to learn to improve their learning efficiency.

1. What is the process of making a flat drill rod and is it important? In addition, it is for the spiral leaves began, can it be flat head?

Flat-headed drill rod manufacturing, which is an important process for the welding before the rod and the head of the car flat head of this process, because it is very good and completely remove the surface of the scale, which can be welded at both ends of the rod Male and female joints, etc., in order to carry out the connection of the drill pipe, or other work. As for the question two, the answer is yes, that is, it can be flat head.

2. Can a flat head be used on a flat head Is it used to match the drill fixture

Platform drill pipe This kind of drill rod is able to use flat pin pin, and this is also no problem. As for, this kind of drill pipe used by the drill fixture, must be matched with the flat head drill pipe, otherwise, in the course of the use of the problem. So, at this point, we should have a correct understanding, not sloppy.

3. Flat head helical drill, whether it can be used in flat head drill rod

Flat-headed helical drill, which is a kind of drill bit, which is generally used with the drill rod, so for flat head drill rod, it can be said that it is very suitable because the two are matched. So, on this issue, there is no doubt that the answer is yes.


The above-mentioned problems, because they are on a flat pipe drill rod, so, based on this, will give the correct answer, so that we have a comprehensive and thorough understanding, rather than a little knowledge, or have a wrong understanding, Further, the use and effect of the drill rod are affected, and the adverse effect is affected.

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