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Drill rod cooling and insulation and the main types
- Nov 24, 2017 -

In the process of the entire drill rod processing, in addition to the use of raw materials factors, the heat treatment process is the most crucial steps,A certain extent decision to rod quality . Finished rod is forged by a certain length of the straight after the drill bit chisel installed.

Rod cooling and insulation

The holding time of the rod is mainly the time required to complete the heat transfer and complete the transformation of the workpiece. In general, the holding time of the rod is effective according to the type of the steel, heating degree, heating equipment and operation. Steel thermal conductivity is poor,Austenitizing a long time. So long holding time. Heating time is high, the time is short, the maximum length of loading and unloading slow, then the time can be shorter.

Under the condition of ensuring the normalizing heating of the drill rod, to a certain extent, it should minimize its back-off time, because if it takes too long, it is very likely to cause the austenite crystal rod to be coarse and reduce the productivity. Will also increase the degree of decarburization rod surface, thereby reducing the fatigue strength of the drill rod, Affect the life of the drill rod.

Cooling rate control, mainly based on the chemical composition of steel, climatic conditions. Cooling conditions. Cut the size to not cooling the hardness and microstructure of the steel to be adjusted. Fan distance, drill rod moving speed stacked or dispersed cooling.

The main type of rod

1. Cone-shaped drill rod is the most common type of market, this type of drill rod has a strong penetration, which is characterized by the concentration of a little broken, it can produce a strong crushing force , To point broken surface, even hard hard to operate the object can easily be broken, like high hardness rock, concrete and so on.

2. Flat It is often said that the first bit shaped rod, working principle and the same as the quadrangle, are gathered in the energy at a little broken. But because it is flat design, it is more wear-resistant, more suitable for handling a number of hard broken objects. Like high hardness rocks and other objects.

3. Flat-shaped drill rod in the course of the use of the general will be used for two broken, so that will have been broken objects or medium-hardness objects broken. Because it is flat-head design, there is not too strong penetration, compared with the first two, more like a blunt. The other two wear occurs at the end of the drill rod, and flat-shaped drill rod wear occurs only in length, it can crush fragile, hard objects broken.