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Design parameters and constraints of FURUKAWA moil point chisel
- Oct 16, 2017 -

FURUKAWA moil point chisel in the use of the process must not be used as a lever to use, in the case of water equipment to prohibit the operation in the water. FURUKAWA moil point chisel before leaving the equipment, to reduce the arm, to confirm whether the equipment is in a safe state. It is forbidden to leave the equipment while the machine is running.

As the FURUKAWA moil point chisel in the use of the process, there will be different use of the working conditions, the drill rod in the work of the object directly under the state of static analysis, so the work required to withstand stress should not exceed the allowable stress 320MPa, safety factor Greater than or equal to 3. In addition, to meet the strength of the premise, to obtain the optimal structure size and weight to meet the economic design requirements.

The goal of the FRUKAWA's pointed design is to ensure that the membrane type is as lightweight as possible, with a small size, reasonable shape, low cost, and minimized stress concentration, while maintaining its membrane-type constraints. Wait.


In the optimization design of the geometric model, the optimization objective function is the minimum weight of FURUKAWA moil point chisel. With reference to the design parameters of similar products in foreign countries, the design variable X is selected by four groups. The first group is the minimum diameter Φ65mm The constraint is: 60 ≦ d1 ≦ 70; the second group is the length of the lower part of the drill rod, the constraint condition is: 600 ≦ l 1 ≦ 800.

The third group is Φ77mm transition to Φ65mm step length, the constraints are: 55 ≦ l1 ≦ 70; the fourth group for the transition rounded, the constraints are: 10 ≦ R1 ≦ 20. The maximum stress of the FURUKAWA moil point chisel is 296MPa, which is less than the yield strength of the part. The minimum stress of the FRUKAWA tip is 296MPa, which is less than the yield strength of the part. The safety factor is 3.14, which also meets the design requirements.

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