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Control of CATERPILLAR moil point chisel cooling rate and process requirements
- Oct 11, 2017 -

CATERPILLAR moil point chisel in the guarantee of normalizing heating conditions, the use of the package should be minimized in the use of time, in use because of the long time to fall back in addition to the austenite die may lead to coarse, lower productivity. Will also increase the degree of decarburization on the surface of the drill rod, thereby reducing the fatigue strength of the drill rod, the shape of the life of the drill rod, so the retention time should be depending on the heating conditions.

CATERPILLAR moil point chisel cooling rate control, to a certain extent, mainly based on the chemical composition of its steel, climate conditions and cooling conditions to determine the size of the steel after the cooling to the hardness and microstructure to adjust, Fan distance, drill rod moving speed stacking or scattered cooling.

In order to meet the needs of mine production and engineering construction, the domestic introduction of hydraulic drilling machinery, heavy hydraulic drilling machine with its energy, high efficiency. Low energy consumption, low noise. Small pollution. High reliability aspects of the advantages, Water conservancy, tunnels, highways, railways and other drilling operations are widely used, the domestic CATERPILLAR moil point chisel market to further expand.

In addition to the raw material factors, the heat treatment process is the key to determine the quality of the drill rod. The choice of the drill rod material, the cross-sectional shape, the geometric dimension and the length of the specification are based on the size of the rock drill The hardness of the drill bit, the depth of the drill hole, the depth of the hole, the connection requirements of the rock drill used to the tail of the drill, and the way of the drilling machine.

CATERPILLAR moil point chisel usually meet the requirements of drilling under the premise, should try to choose a section of moderate, light weight, shorter length, good rigidity, long life of the drill rod. For hand-held rock, the general use of taper connection, cross-section hexagonal H22, H25 drill rod.

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