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Circuit breaker chisel and its material requirements and production processes
- Nov 16, 2017 -

Circuit breaker chisel, which in essence, is a kind of rod, so it is also in this category of drill rod. So, what kind of understanding should we have about this type of drill rod? Now, in the future to answer this question, and at the same time, to be familiar with and understanding of the breaker rod drill , in order to understand the different types of drill rod.


1. Circuit breaker chisel should have the performance characteristics

Performance characteristics 1: In rigidity, toughness, it should be very good, in addition, there should be a suitable hardness.

Performance characteristics 2: There should be sufficient fatigue strength, and sufficient flexibility to be able to carry a certain degree of fatigue.

Features 3: In the gap sensitivity, can not be too high. In addition, if cracked, its expansion rate is lower.

Features 4: to high temperature, and will not soften at high temperatures.

Features 5: Corrosion-resistant and not easy to rust, in addition, there should be good corrosion-resistant fatigue properties.


2Breaker chisel rod used

Circuit breaker chisel, which can be used in steel, not just only one, there are a variety of options, as long as it can meet some of the conditions and requirements, you can. In the specific requirements, it is as follows: should have higher strength and good toughness, and in the high temperature and corrosion resistance, to be very good, so as Caixing. If one of the grades of steel fulfills some of these requirements, it is also acceptable if it meets all of the requirements after being processed.


3 Production process

Circuit breaker rod production process, after continuous exploration, experiment and summary, the current conclusion can be drawn is that its better production process is: the use of suitable steel, such as high-strength low-carbon alloy steel, the first Forming process, followed by the overall carburizing. After that, the cooling is performed in a cooling tank, and the intermediate frequency heating and cooling and the low temperature tempering after cooling are performed. Next, it is the surface treatment of the drill rod.


4. Circuit breaker chisel carburizing heat treatment

Carburizing carburizing heat treatment circuit breakers, you can use computer control technology to carry out, so that you can solve some of the quality control problems in carburizing. For example, the relevant parameters of its effective control, such as temperature, carburized layer thickness, time, flow and so on. Thus, to ensure the quality of drill rod carburizing and carburizing requirements.