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Chisels life and heat treatment requirements
- Nov 25, 2017 -

In the course of working, the working environment of the chisel  rod is rather harsh, so the wear resistance, the fatigue strength, the toughness and the strength of the chisel will have higher requirements. Therefore, during the design and manufacturing of the drill rod, firstly To solve the problem is to choose the right steel, followed by cold, hot processing performance, heat treatment processes and costs.

In order to produce high-quality drill rod, we must strictly control the selection, processing and heat treatment and other aspects of forming. Among them, the selection and heat treatment is particularly important, they restrict each other, the material determines the heat treatment process, heat treatment effect has become the basis for selection. Adjust the process from the perspective of microstructure and selection of the beginning of the main use of FF-710 steel. The steel is a high-strength steel, which has been widely used in the manufacture of chisel.

In the process of making will be effective according to the performance and characteristics of its steel, the use of the initial use it to trial production of heavy-duty drill rod, the heat treatment process is: carburizing - normalizing - low temperature tempering, rod heat treatment process carburizing After the increase of high temperature tempering process, the purpose is to make carburized coarse tissue formed after decomposition, precipitation of carbide in the subsequent normalizing process play a role in blocking the organization of genetic and grain refinement.

To make the fatigue life of the chisel greatly increased, it is necessary to quench the way, so that low-carbon lath martensite replaced bainite, so the heat treatment process is adjusted to: carburizing - high temperature tempering - quenching - low temperature Tempering. At the same time to ensure the quality of quenching, we use the current more advanced international quenching agent.