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Characteristics and safe operation of hydraulic breaker chisel
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Normally, before the official start of the operation, the user needs to carry out the relevant inspection, including the integrity of the various parts and rotation. In other words, it is necessary to determine the appropriate lubrication scheme based on the inspection results. In addition, it should also check the hydraulic breaker chisel connected to the various joints are solid.


There is also a need for an initial inspection of the operating environment in advance. In the use of the process, it is best to first open water, after the wind. When you stop drilling, you should first turn off the water. In the initial stage, the hydraulic breaker chisel should be operated at a low speed before the appropriate depth and then at full speed.


Need to remind you that in the use of hydraulic breaker chisel process, the operator also need to pay attention to standing posture and position. Do not rely on physical pressure, but can not stand in a dangerous place, so as not to break the brakes hurt.

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In the course of the operation, if you hear an abnormal sound, then it should be shut down in time to check, to be resolved after the problem can continue to work. If you need to replace the hydraulic breaker chisel, then you should first reduce the speed of operation, then according to the specific location conditions and other conditions to operate.


In the whole process, it is necessary to prevent as much as possible due to hydraulic breaker chisel off and hurt the staff of the problem, and timely closure of the gas path. From the application, the product is currently mainly used for a variety of crushing, mining, shovel chisel, split both tangled and so on.


The above is mainly to share with you on the use of hydraulic breaker chisel in the process, need to pay attention to some of the security aspects of the problem. But also hope that through the introduction of this article, can help you a more comprehensive understanding of the hydraulic breaker chisel.


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