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Building Moil Point production processing requirements and quenching treatment
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Building Moil Point in the process of using rock drilling is an essential tool, so that parts are commonly used consumables, the use of its life expectancy will have a direct impact on its efficiency and cost of driving. Therefore, to enhance the comprehensive mechanical properties of construction drill rod to improve its service life is the brazing plant engineering and technical personnel forcing the goal.

Construction of the drill rod production is through the hot-working, cold-working, heat treatment, anti-corrosion treatment, surface hardening and other processes completed. Due to the poor working conditions of rock drilling, the drill rod needs to transmit the impact force during rock drilling, and any defect inside it will become the core of the fatigue source to withstand the action of tension, torsion and bending stress and water erosion. Therefore, reducing or eliminating internal defects, we can achieve the purpose of strengthening rod, its service life will be improved.

Building Moil Point in use if you want drill rod wear, first of all should ensure that the steel used is a wear-resistant material, and then heat treatment Caixing. In the process of making the more burnt rod burning red, water cooling faster, so the higher the hardness.

Building Moil Point quenching is to heat the steel to a certain extent, and then quickly cooled, so that the internal structure of the steel changes, iron crystals become more detailed and close, coupled with calcined, the steel is more closely, which makes the steel hardened. Different steel for different quenching methods, low carbon steel can not quench hardness, such as ordinary wire, carbon steel is more suitable for water quenching.