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Breaking hammer requires no cooling
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Crusher is carried on the excavator and other machines to carry on the crushing operation, some people have doubts, the use of broken hammer long time, broken hammer fittings start heating, crushing hammer need to cool? Crusher is not needed to cool, need to cool is hydraulic oil, as long as the hydraulic oil temperature is not too high, excavators can continue to work, crusher can be used. If the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, the crushing hammer will be weaker. Crushing hammer blow when it is best not to blow continuously, continuous blow will make the broken hammer rod wear very serious, more serious damage to the crusher directly. Moreover, if the object is too hard to work, the brazing rod can not be punched, still in the continuous blow, directly lead to the solder rod decarburization, damage. It is best to use a period of rest for a period of time, so that the hydraulic oil recovery temperature.