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Breaker moil points material and the use of its principles and instructions
- Nov 18, 2017 -

In the crusher, it is also possible to use the device or component of the drill rod, so it can be called crusher drill rod, which is essentially a drill rod. Well, since it is in the large range of drill rod, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, because in this way, you can understand the different types of drill rod, and thus, to broaden their knowledge.


1. Product attributes and materials

Breaker moil points, from a professional point of view, it belongs to the mine equipment. Also, it is a device or component. It can be used in the material, in general, is for the alloy steel. As for which alloy steel should be used, it depends on the actual situation and the requirements of use, and it is up to these two.


2 Instructions

(1) Before using breaker moil points, please read the operation manual or instruction manual carefully to avoid mistakes or improper use, and then damage the rod.

(2) The connection parts or joints of the crusher drill rod should be checked whether there is a leakage of loosening machine and other issues, if any, should be dealt with in time and can not be delayed.

(3) When the drill rod in the course of the use of anomalies or problems, then it should promptly stop using and maintenance, rather than continue to use.

(4) drill rod, which also has a working temperature range, therefore, should be within the specified temperature range, if over-temperature, should immediately stop using.

(5) between the shank rod and cylinder guide sleeve, is to be lubricated, and, should be lubricated in place to ensure its service life. In addition, it should be under a certain pressure to start work, it is strictly forbidden to start working in a suspended state.

(6) crusher rod, which is not a crowbar, therefore, can not be used as a crowbar, it will break the rod.


3. Principles of use and precautions

The principle of the use of crusher rod, which specifically speaking, is for the principle of not generating radial force, so it should be perpendicular to the face, can not be tilted.


In the breaker moil points precautions, is: If the rock has cracked or cracked, then you should stop using the rod, in order to avoid its "open fight" damage. In addition, attention should be paid to the scope of the drill rod warranty, as well as the failure of the warranty identification, because it relates to the maintenance of drill rod this important aspect.