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Breaker hammer Chisel selection requirements and the use of efficiency
- Nov 23, 2017 -

Breaker hammer Chisel in the process of using has a wide range of gold, copper, coal, iron ore, lead and zinc mining and other mining, broken hammer rod can be used in tunnels, railways, mining, railways and Highway construction. In the process of construction of its hollow hexagonal drill rod, in the process of using the small section of the drill rod is a category.

Breaker hammer Chisel tips

1. The use of appropriate downward force can improve the efficiency of the hammer.

2. Adjusting the position of the hammer, the hammer should move to a new working position when the rock can not be crushed by the impact work.

3. Broken operation can no longer be the same position continued, if a long-term operation in one location, will make the probe temperature rise, reducing its hardness, so that the lower end of the drill rod rolled up, thereby reducing the efficiency of the operation.

4. Do not use the rod as a lever to use.

5. Do not operate in water in the case of water installations.

6. Before leaving the equipment, to reduce the arm, to confirm whether the equipment in a safe condition. Do not leave the device while the machine is running.

Breaker hammer Chisel selection

Rod  material, cross-sectional shape, geometry size, the length of the selection is based on the size of the rock drill impact power, rock hardness, bit diameter, hole depth, the use of rock drill on the caudal tail connection requirements, and the rock drill Feed method to select the drill rod.

Usually meet the drilling requirements under the premise should be selected moderate cross section, lighter weight, shorter length, rigidity, long life of the drill rod. For hand-held rock drilling, the general selection of taper connection, the cross-section of the H22, H25 drill rod, shank size 108mmx H22, made of 55SiMnMo, 95CrMo; for leveling tunnel boring, the general use of H25, H28, H32, H35 Cross-section thread with the diameter, diameter and quick change rod.