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Breaker chisel life extension and processing technology improvements
- Dec 09, 2017 -

Breaker chisel rod brazing tail heat treatment, when used mainly to ensure that the drill tip in the piston under the high-frequency impact is not the top pile. For 55SiMnMo steel, the breaker chisel soldering rod brazing end hardness HRC50-54 range, will be able to meet the above requirements. 55SiMnMo steel solder tail heat treatment process is: 870 ℃ ± 20 °. Quenching , quenching the best induction heating medium frequency heating, heating length 70 ~ 80 mm, after quenching hardness HRC56-58.

How to extend the service life of breaker chisel rod

1. Selection of high-strength brazing steel material.

Used in the past more brazing steel is ZKT ZKT, high carbon tool steel, low fatigue strength, short life expectancy (usually 30-50m). Recently promoted the use of non-nickel-chromium low-alloy steel, such as ZK55SiMn-Mo, ZK35SiMnMoV, etc., high strength, good fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, the average life of 150-250m, 3-5 times higher than high carbon tool steel.

2. Improve the drill rod processing technology

Improve the drill rod processing technology to reduce the thermal stress generated during processing and heat treatment. Of course, the premise of improving the process is to figure out the broken hammer rod broken reason, the only way to better improve the technology.

3 to improve drilling technology.

Grasping the height, direction and air intake of the rocker leg, make the shaft thrust of the rock drill moderate, make the borehole, drill rod and rock drill always keep in the same straight line to prevent the drill rod from bending pressure. Choose a reasonable shape of the drill bit, reduce the brazing. In particular, it is forbidden to ride on the air leg during drilling, as this will not only increase the bending moment to which the rod is subjected, but also if the rod is broken, it can easily cause serious accidents.

Circuit breaker rod low carbon content should choose low temperature, low carbon content should choose the low temperature limit. Or check the hardness after brazing if the HRC54 after tempering, to raise the temperature to re-tempering. If the hardness after tempering HRC48 below, brazing to normalizing and then re-quenching, tempering temperature to be lower than the original. Brazing tail tempering, the proposed special low-temperature salt furnace, local tempering, immersed in the length of the salt tank should not exceed the cone brazing shoulders to quenching length of 10 mm is appropriate.