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Blunt chisel structure and the use of skills
- Nov 14, 2017 -

Blunt chisel, which is one type of drill rod,  in some occasions or areas, you can see a blunt chisel. Therefore, some familiarity and understanding about it can help us to correctly use this type of drill rod, and at the same time, we can get the intended effect and play its due role.



Blunt chisel this kind of drill rod, in its composition, there are three main parts of the drill rod body, drill rod core hole and drill rod core rod. Moreover, it is an important part of it, therefore, none of them can be omitted. In addition, the diameter of the drill rod core hole, there are different specifications to meet different requirements, and to ensure the life of the drill rod and work efficiency.



specific applications and service life increase

The specific application of the blunt type drill rod is mainly on the broken object, specifically speaking, it is an object with uneven surface or easily broken and low hardness because it relies on vibration to achieve the purpose of breaking of. Therefore, such as coal ash, slate and concrete, which can be used to break the blunt drill rod.

How to improve the service life of the blunt chisel? In fact, very simple, as long as the pulse magnetic treatment can be achieved. And, by magnetic treatment technology, can greatly enhance the service life of drill rod, in general, can be increased by 30% or more, so the effect of this treatment method is still very obvious.



In the use of blunt-type drill rod, the first thing to be clear is that it applies to what the specific circumstances, therefore, can not be used blindly. If it is for impact crushing, then it is possible to choose blunt-type drill rod of this kind of drill rod. After the use of the drill rod, to be correct and norms, is strictly prohibited improper or wrong operation, so as not to affect the use of drill rod effect and service life.