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ATLAS COPCO moil point chisel product features and applications
- Sep 25, 2017 -

ATLAS COPCO moil point chisel products have a lot of different characteristics, for the user, it is because of its characteristics, will be subject to everyone's trust. So what do you know about the characteristics of the Atlas pointed sticker? In fact, understanding to familiarize yourself with these content will help us to better use it and protect it.


Next, we will briefly introduce you to the ATLAS COPCO moil point chisel product knowledge, hope to deepen everyone's impression. First of all, the product is a unique low-pressure flow design, but also to have a strong impact force, so in practical applications may ensure high crushing efficiency. Secondly, due to the use of advanced design concepts, so its structure is more solid and reasonable, not only stable and reliable performance, and the failure rate is low.


Thirdly, the ATLAS COPCO moil point chisel  is also unique in that it uses a more special cushioning design and advanced guidance system, so even if used for a long time can also ensure a strong wear. Coupled with the use of high standards of wear-resistant materials, to slow down the degree of wear and prolong its service life.



The fourth point, the product is also used in dual lubrication system design, it can ensure that the ATLAS COPCO moil point chisel and the bushing has a good dust effect and lubrication effect, thereby further extending its service life. The fifth aspect, the system is also equipped with box-type vibration damping device, so in the course of the operation, as far as possible to maintain a smooth, quiet, environmentally friendly.


It is precisely because ATLAS COPCO moil point chisel products with the above performance characteristics, so now we often will Atlas pointed drill rod products used in the removal of concrete, broken in the mine, and the second broken construction work , And have achieved a better application effect.

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