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Application and use of Rock Chisels and its life related factors
- Nov 21, 2017 -

Although there are only two words of drill rod, there are many specific types of rod, such as cross drill rod, flat drill rod and rock drill rod, etc. So, below, we can know the rock drill rod In order to be used correctly, thus, to play its due role, and get good results.


1. Specific types of examples and use

The specific types of Rock Chisels, if you give an example, then there is a light small rock drill rod of this one, in addition to the corresponding, there are large and medium sized rock drill rods.


The use of Rock Chisels, and through the GS or MF joints, can be connected into a brazing group, so that you can achieve rock hammer impact energy and torque transmission. Specifically speaking, the end of the drill rod is fixed in the rotary sleeve of the rock drill to withstand the impact of the piston and the torque of the brazing rod. The other end, it is connected with the drill bit, collide with the rock, so to carry out the use of.


2. Analysis of the stress level of the drill rod

By analyzing the failure of rock drill rod and applying the principle of mechanics on this basis, it can be seen that the stress level of the drill rod is mainly related to the diameter of its outer circle, and is an approximate linear relationship. Therefore, an appropriate increase in the diameter of the outer diameter of the drill rod, is conducive to reducing the size of its stress, thereby reducing its adverse effects.


3. Service life

The service life of rock drill rod, there are many related factors, but its main, there are equipment types and specifications, rock types and requirements of these three. Moreover, both have a greater impact on the life of the drill rod, therefore, can not be ignored.

In addition, there is the impact of energy on this, however, is not a major factor, can only say that there is a certain impact. In general, the transmission of the same impact energy under this condition, the smaller the peak factor, it is conducive to the life of rock drill rod. However, you need to know that there is a lower limit to its peak factor.


4. Rock drilling machine in the application

Rock drilling machine, which is mainly used for rock drilling, so, you will use rock drill rod this kind of drill rod. In its specific application, the rod is driven by the engine to impact the piston. At the same time, the ratchet wheel is used to rotate the rock rod to impact the rock, and then the drilling operation is performed. In addition, the hardness of the rock can also be based on the use of different hardness alloy bit.