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Analysis of the Basic Requirements and Soldering Tips of moil point rod
- Nov 13, 2017 -

【Overview】 Rod, which is a lot of specific types to meet different requirements. In the following, the kind of drill rod that will be involved is a kind of drill rod for the moil point rod, because it is more common and commonly used, especially in the crushing operation, therefore, it is necessary  to know The correct use of the first drill rod .


1.Moil point rod and other drill rod in the choice of comparison

Moil point rods and other drill rods, although they are in this category of drill rod, but they are not the same in the scope of application, so, should be based on the actual situation and the use of requirements to choose, that is , According to different circumstances choose the right kind of rod. If it is moil point rod, it is for the case of concrete broken, and soft non-layered rock broken.


2. Should meet the basic requirements

Requirement 1: a higher fatigue strength, and good toughness, and in cooperation, there should be no problem.

Requirement 2: Lower notch sensitivity and lower fatigue crack growth rate.

Requirement 3: moil point rod body, should have good flexibility, and its brazing tail, when subjected to a certain impact, there will be no pile top and fried top these phenomena.



3. Commonly used surface treatment technology and heat treatment analysis

Surface treatment: moil point rod, the surface treatment process, in addition to conventional heat treatment, there are induction heating, vapor deposition, ion implantation and spraying these are mainly used for surface strengthening, thus, to enhance the solder Rod surface performance, to ensure that it has good effect.

Heat Treatment: Since the moil point rod is a slender rod, it is not easy to achieve if the entire body is subjected to a heat treatment, and further problems may occur. Therefore, its common practice is to choose several suitable heat treatment process, to all parts of the same time, so as a whole, there is a good heat treatment effect.


4. Tip drill rod end of the pile and fried top problem

If the tip of the tip drill shank appears the top of the pile or fried top these two issues, then, its related factors, mainly with the brazing heat treatment hardness of this one. Because, if the brazing end after the heat treatment hardness is too high, will lead to the top of the problem, the hardness is too low, then there will be a pile of top problems. Therefore, its hardness should be controlled within the appropriate range, so as to avoid the above problems.