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Advantages and disadvantages of break hammers and usage considerations
- Jun 26, 2017 -

The hammer can be more effective in the excavation of the building foundation to clean up the floating rocks and the soil in the crevice of the rock. The hammers -----Power medium, strike piston less inertia, fit to the second break . The disadvantage is big noise, compares the damage digs the machine. Little damage to the excavator. Its principle is the use of hydraulic motor high-speed rotation (pressure oil from the excavator supply), so that the impact of a high frequency crusher hammer, to achieve the purpose of broken objects.Each use, the first should check whether the crushing hammer high-pressure or low pressure tubing has loose , meanwhile, for the sake of caution, should be at any time to check whether there is leakage of oil, so as to avoid vibration caused by the tubing to fall off, resulting in failure.The chisel should always be perpendicular to the surface of the broken object when the hammer is working.


wedge chisel


moil point chisel

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